Recovery after a heart attack

The NLP diploma course has helped change my life for the better and my personal development journey has been amazing as I have learnt many skills that have enabled me to let go of my self imposed limitations.

I attended the diploma following a recommendation from a friend who knew that I was struggling psychologically to cope with the aftermath of a heart attack at age 30.

The diploma allowed me to recognise my own thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that were restricting me in my recovery and also in everyday life.

I set a goal during the course in November 2007 to run the Bristol half marathon in Sept 2008. I am not a natural athlete but I had always wanted to do it, but never believed I was capable and when I crossed that finish line I was so proud.

The course taught me to how to set goals and also prompted me to evaluate and change the way I think so that I have the tools to take me towards a future that will be wonderful because of it. I realised that to have the strength of mind to work towards what I wanted was the most valuable gift to have. I now know that the power and control that I have over my own mind and what I can achieve is infinite.

Submitted by Suzanne Henwood, Professional Member

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