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The Unwind project – HMP Brixton

Being a prison officer is one of the most stressful occupations. The need for staff support, particularly following traumatic incidents such as prisoner suicide or self harming is great.

Martyn Dawes a prison governor at Brixton, received a 2009 UnLtd Award for The Unwind Project, designed to tackle staff stress, and was now interested in expanding the idea.

As Head of Business Change Martyn is relatively senior within HMP Brixton and therefore has some influence, however in the prison service new projects can sometimes be hard to implement.

Martyn engaged with Hazelbranch for coaching to help him feel confident about his ideas, and help him learn how to develop and push forward ideas in what can be a very traditional environment.

Here is what Martyn has to say:

Meeting regularly with Toby from Hazelbranch has enabled me to prioratise goals, motivated me to push for actions and given better clarity over the long term potential for the project.

Submitted by Toby Buckle, Professional Member

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