One to One Coaching - "Now I am really using my internal resources."


RT, a Director in the Manufacturing industry had requested a session to look at his role in the team. RT had been in role for a year, and had an engineering background.

Feedback from Board members suggested that RT’s communication with colleagues was frustrating and de-motivating on some occasions. Other members did not know RT’s plans; had no idea of how meetings and relationships were progressing. He didn’t recognise this behaviour in himself and he wanted it ‘clarifying’ by someone he could trust. He came to Saxton Partners because at a networking event he had heard about us.

RT is intelligent, bright, and came across as very serious as he entered the room. He explained he regarded the time spent emailing/calling colleagues, to update them as unnecessary. The task was to raise RT’s awareness of his impact on others.

What did we do?

Four sessions of one to one specialist coaching, followed up by guided coaching from his own Mentor that was also his MD.

RT was given specific expectations of what would have been seen and heard by others in order for RT to evidence his new awareness. RT received Executive Specialist coaching on:

• Understanding what had to happen subconsciously for him to want to build rapport. Inhibiting beliefs were released for him to be able to do this. He was previously unaware of how he limited himself

• Enabled him consciously to experience what it was like to be ‘inside another’s belief system’ that he had particular challenges with, seeing his behaviours in action

• How to use vague language and questions to identify what motivates others

• How to take an idea in its broadest sense. To then work through the detail of what would have happened to have achieved the desired result with different personality types in relation to his.

• Understanding ‘Outcome’ thinking and how to use his own coding (bar codes for the brain) to bring visualisation alive. Also provided him with ‘anchor’ for presenting ideas with interest.


Resolved issues with other Board members and two of them have started going to him for advice. Most importantly for MD, deadlines are now being hit because others are not avoiding RT.

Feedback from others is that he is now ‘fun’ to have around and has started telling jokes. MD observed significant improvements all round, particularly he said with his own team.

RT said in final Quality check that he wish he had knew this sort of coaching was available 20 years ago!

Submitted by Sonia Saxton, Accredited Trainer Member

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