Business Presentations

“The coaching process was very effective and, even by simply talking through my areas for development with Diane, I was quite surprised at how positive this made me feel. Particularly with regards to my performance in meetings and presentations, this enabled me to put my fears aside and now, if I’ve got something to say, I just say it.

I applied for a promotion at work which included giving a presentation and I got the job! The coaching particularly helped me to realise that speaking up in meetings isn’t the big deal that I thought it was. I still get a bit nervous sometimes but I now believe that whatever I have got to say is worth being heard.

I have received excellent feedback from colleagues and directors at work about my performance. Diane was very flexible in her approach with me and was able to change the subject matter of each session at short notice, following changes at work that impacted on me – this was very helpful.”


Submitted by Diane Oxborough, Professional Member

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