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In 2010, having dominated the mobile world for over a decade, Nokia faced a serious challenge from competitors such as the iPhone. As part of its response to the challenge, Nokia appointed a new President and CEO, Stephen Elop, who introduced a new working culture and launched a strategic partnership with Microsoft.

At a time of such transformation, effective employee communications are more important than ever before, especially in Nokia’s manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Improve employee communications in Nokia global manufacturing network.
Ensure all functions communicate among themselves and work together as one team to have effective communications in the facility.
Align current communication plans with the new working culture strategy in Nokia’s global manufacturing network.

What we did
In collaboration with global and local communications managers, I designed and ran employee communications workshops for facility management teams in 4 locations: Hungary-Komárom, India-Chennai, China-Dongguan and Mexico-Reynosa.

The format was highly interactive with inspirational videos, analysis of the local communications situation and employee profile, team brainstorming and the creation of tangible action plans, adapted to local needs.

A total of 67 people, including the heads of manufacturing facilities, took part in the employee communications workshops and the overall feedback from participants was excellent. The participants at each facility came up with action plans to engage local employees. These plans are currently being put into place and I continue to monitor the results.

Submitted by Suzanne Smith, Introductory Professional Member

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