Empowerment for Assertiveness in relationship

My first thoughts of attending Desire2Inspire were that I wasn’t that sure, also a bit apprehensive, this was due to not knowing what to expect. In my mind I was thinking is it going to be like a counselling service, I have had counselling before provided by the NHS and wasn’t very successful, this was because all I was doing was talking for an hour about my problems and I didn’t feel that the councillor was helping me, or that the service was beneficial for me.
When I attended my first session I was greeted by Glenda Yearwood at the front door, on arrival I felt warmth of joy and positivity straight away.
My experiences so far since attending my session’s with Glenda have been truly amazing, I have learnt how to deal with my feelings, by not allowing my mind to control my moods, this has enabled me to become more assertive as an individual, learning to love me for me by not allowing negative influences to cloud my judgement.
The impacts these sessions have had in my life have been life changing for example, I went through a process called “The clean up process”, this is where I went through my mother’s time line, I went through this process has my mother, this allowed me to see through my unconscious mind why my mother is the way she is till today. My mother suffered a lot of trauma within her life, therefore this negativity impacted greatly within my life were I wasn’t has strong as I should have been. But since this clean up process I have sat down with my mother and have spoken about her past in great detail, which has opened up a whole new chapter in our mother and daughter relationship, which has made me understand my mother more. Another impact that has occurred as a result of attending these session’s is that I have learnt that I can only take responsibility for my own actions that I have made in the relationship and won’t take on guilt and his responsibilities for anyone
The tool’s that I will be taking away as a result of all my sessions will be my “Light Trigger”;
• Responsibility
• Understanding
• Compassion
• Love
This helps me not to trigger on a situation, also to remind me that I am strong, also to listen more.
Writing a diary about my feelings is also something that has really helped, a tool I will continue to use to help me assess my thought patterns and feelings.
I would defiantly recommend Desire2Inspire to everyone, this has been a life changing experience also a spiritual journey, Glenda wasn’t just a therapist she was my mother, sister, friend all in one loving person. Each session I left feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, a breath of fresh air lifted me every time I went home, feeling confident to take on the world, this was because not only does Glenda work with me via the sessions, she also gave me tools to work with while I was at home, so the work continues to develop within me. When I returned for the next session I not only felt the difference, I also had the proof via my written work, also Glenda could visually see the difference within my approach, in my day to day life my family and friends would also comment on the change in me, how positive I have become
I thank Desire2Inspire Glenda Yearwood who is a truly an amazing talented woman, who has helped me in many ways.

Michelle G

Submitted by Glenda Yearwood, Professional Member

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