Improving Patient Care in the NHS

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is making a significant effort to improve patient care. Phil Morley, Account Director for the performance support team in the NHS is using NLP techniques to help Chief Executives in the NHS meet and exceed their performance targets and improve patient care.

Focusing on providing a better health service is an ongoing objective in the NHS. This includes improving access to the correct service at the right time and place, upgrading the patient experience, respecting the patient's dignity, improving the overall quality of services and setting realistic performance targets. This is a significant challenge within a period of rising patient expectations and limited budgets.

Phil Morley is Account Director for the performance support team in the NHS. He and his team are responsible for providing support and interventions to all the Chief Executives of Health Organisations who have not reached their performance targets. He is keen that the goal of improving 'patient care' is at the forefront of meeting performance targets.

He wanted to specialise in problem solving, communication and widening peoples' understanding and horizons. He felt that NLP would enable him to give a extensive tool-set to his Chief Executives as to how they could meet and exceed their targets. The NHS funded Phil to complete his NLP practitioner and master practitioner accreditation.

Phil discovered that he is now in a position to offer his NHS clients a more extensive tool set to achieve their targets. He is able to provide useful suggestions on relationships and behaviour as well as process, systems and strategy. Having studied NLP his listening skills improved. "I now listen with my eyes as well as my ears, it makes a tremendous difference to my effectiveness" confirmed Phil. "I am able to use language and questions to interrupt and expand peoples thinking. It's all surprisingly easy"

Specific NLP techniques that Phil found particularly useful were state, anchoring and logical levels. State is where you consider the best emotional and physical state to access for any intervention, anchoring enables you to access that state at the appropriate time. Logical levels is an approach that enables the client to consider the impact and dependency of the environment, behaviour, skill level, beliefs and individuals identity on any suggested change.

Submitted by Michael Beale, Professional Member

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