Changing career and moving to a dream location

I’m going to write about my experience of a well formed outcome and the life-changing event that has happened as a result. I chose to talk about my goal to develop my skills as a trainer and to widen the range of topics on which I could train so that I would be able to rely more on my own abilities for future employment and less on my hitherto fairly narrow experiences in children’s services. For me it quite quickly showed that my ‘training’ goal was a stepping-stone to my true aim of living by the sea and preferably in x.

Identifying the resources needed to reach the goal is a vital stage in the process. This is where the link is made between the present and the future. For me this involved putting the ‘trainer’ plan on a business footing and setting aside time with my wife to develop the project.
The hardest question was “What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t make this change?” I said that I would never know if I had been wrong about how important ‘place’ is in my family’s life. Having moved many times as a child growing up I had always considered the place to be secondary to people and purpose. My wife on the other hand wants to be by the sea and I want her to be happy. If I can be anywhere and she can only be in one place, we should be in that one place.

This piece of work had an amazing impact on me! I went away from the course knowing that I had to do everything I could to make our life in ... happen. I was tasked with getting myself something that would be a constant reminder of my goal. The very next time we visited ... I bought a 25 million year old shark’s tooth and have had it in my trouser pocket ever since. I truly believe that this ever-present reminder freed me to consider other options for reaching the sea and I have subsequently been appointed to the post of Deputy Town Clerk at ... Town Council. I learnt that only by defining your true goal could you hope to achieve it through your own efforts rather that by chance. I believe that the focus this exercise gave me helped me to cut through all the reasons I had manufactured for not going to ... sooner. Because I was hung up on the scarcity of children’s service jobs in ... I had allowed my goal to be obscured.

Submitted by Clare Smale, Trainer Member

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