Testimonial - Fear of public Speaking

Kaddy – writer and poet
I decided to try hypnotherapy due to a deep-seated and often debilitating fear of public speaking. I was due to read in public in front of a large publishing industry audience and had been dreading it for weeks. I visited Siobhan for a 3-hour session and I consider it to be the best money I have ever spent. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, as was Siobhan’s demeanor. She listened intently to my concerns and effortlessly tailored her expertise to my unique needs.

We explored several techniques together: breathing exercises to calm my physical symptoms of distress; NLP to enable me to visualise the outcome I desired for the upcoming event; and ‘tapping’, which was such fun to learn and is a process which seems to reinforce the ability to think positively.

The dreaded event was a complete success and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the experience of reading to an audience. Siobhan showed me to change some destructive patterns of behaviour and helped me to be able to really flourish in all areas of my career. I have continued to use the techniques she taught me and I thoroughly recommend The Health and Mind Practice to others who feel they are not currently reaching their full potential.

Submitted by Siobhan Costello, Professional Member

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