Case Study Manufacturing - "The company is now thinking out of the box."


A large electronics Manufacturer were on the verge of bankruptcy and communication had broken down amongst those on the board. The brief was for them to be able to communicate a way forward that would work for all in saving the company, or devising an Exit strategy.

What did we do?

We ran a ‘Think Tank’. This raised awareness of individual motivations and what was maintaining their existence on the Board. This raised some important questions for each, as to whether their part in the organisation was going to fulfil its goals.

• Assessed individual Values and Beliefs i.e. motivations

• Examined their strategy for moving the business forward

• Studied the communication strategy, both inside and outside the Board

This resulted in some individual executive coaching taking place for each of its members, as they planned their way forward to address certain challenges.

For example:-

• Who am I in this organisation? Do I clearly have a role?

• How do I deal with the uncertainty of not knowing how this will turn out for me, and my team?

• I have been in this business for 20 years. How do I start to think outside the box when I have never been outside this organisation?

The Result?

 The M. D. set up a new company where he is gaining a lot of satisfaction developing a Business consultancy.

 The Finance Director has also found new ground in setting up a company with those of the same mind set with Venture Capitalists.

 The remaining Directors have now been able to pull together and focus on the future feeling confident they now know how to talk to each other, and are driving the business to success.

Submitted by Sonia Saxton, Accredited Trainer Member

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