Enhancing Business Presentations

I recently worked with a client who worked in marketing and had terrible fear when she had to present to groups of people.

Previously if she knew she had a presentation to do in front of an audience she needed to visit a doctor to get tablets for her nerves, she was sick with worry and didn`t sleep well for at least 2 weeks before the presentation. She needed to do hours of preparation before hand.

All of this affected her performance on the day and she was getting feedback from her manager that she needed to improve her presentations.

It was vital in her job that she could present as she did this on a regular basis to potential clients.

The results of these coaching sessions were phenomenal and she felt more confident and in control of herself, her emotions and her reactions and her state.

She carried out a presentation in front of a large audience a couple of weeks after our last session and both her and her manager informed me of the noticeable difference. She did not need to visit the doctor for tablets for her nerves and did not need to do the hours of preparation she had done previously.

“The presentation went really well thanks, think I might have cracked it!

Our sessions have been a massive help, being able to identify what I did to myself has helped me so much and now I can make a conscious effort not to let myself get into these states.

Thanks so much for all your help, it’s been brilliant.

I was on an advertising training course this week. Usually I spent the whole time on these coursing dreading that I am going to have to present something and not really listening to anything that is being said. This time I actually volunteered to do the presenting in my group and it was great, I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot as I did not spend the whole time worrying!

Working with Tracy has been an invaluable experience. She gave me back my self belief and equipped me with the tools to make sure that I will never lose it again. Thank you. "

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