Being stuck , fear and procrastination in business

Before working with Paul, I struggled with fear and procrastination. This had been going on since I started working online for the first time. I had been on an emotional rollercoaster for months. I would get very excited about my online business and then I would want to quit working online.

When I found a coach online and followed him, watched his videos and listened to him. I knew this was the answer and I would get my online business up and going!

I was very excited to find a audio about fear and procrastination. The coach says….listen to this for the next 90 to 120 days, every day and see who you are at that time. Ok, I started listening to it and it made sense. This is why working with Paul has “changed my life!”

I had a nice chat with Paul about feeling STUCK! Oh I think I can help you with that, Paul told me. We did a session together and I could physically feel a change in me. I felt that excitement inside me! I went to work and no procrastination!

I truly changed in just one day.

The real value is when Paul checks on you to see how things are going and if I had any questions. This guy really cares about helping me.

When we did our next session I told Paul that I still felt some fear and as we worked through that fear, I told him that I just wanted success to happen for me. That’s when I had my breakthrough and came to tears.

Paul helped me to BELIEVE in myself and that it could happen for me. My new friend Paul Turner helped to change in just 2 sessions, not 90 days! Truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you my friend.

Barbara Fenwick

Submitted by Paul Turner, Professional Member

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