Bird Phobia

Jackie came to me in February 2008 with a phobia of birds that she had suffered with for 42 years. As she was only 42 years old she was convinced that she had always had the phobia.

The phobia was affecting her life on a regular basis. For example, if she were drinking in a pub garden and a bird landed nearby she would run screaming from the scene. She recounted a particularly bad occasion where a bird had managed to get into her kitchen and when she entered holding her 7 month old son, she dropped the baby, fell to the floor and crawled out of the room.

She had to get a neighbour to go and retrieve the baby, who by this point was crying loudly; as her fear was so extreme she could not go back and get him.

Jackie said "I went to see Carol with a lifetime phobia of birds. I have been terrified of them all my life.

When Carol said she could help me I was sceptical, but willing to give anything a go. My phobia was stopping me from having a drink in a pub garden, from eating alfresco; even walking down the street was an issue.

After listening to Carol’s lovely voice guiding me through reliving scenarios, I felt very relaxed and could not wait to encounter a bird to test it all out!

I am surprised daily by the changes in me and not a day goes by when I don’t say a silent THANKS to Carol for making such a huge difference to my life"

Jackie also told me about walking through Paddington station amongst the pigeons – something she never thought she would do. Jackie is a real success story.

Submitted by Carol Gladwin, Professional Member

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