Belief Change

I came across NLP about 5 years ago now by chance and it changed my life for good.

I attended an NLP Introductory weekend and from there I did my practitioner and then my master practitioner in the same year, as I could not get enough of it.

I cleared out issues I had had all my life, especially about my childhood. For example I could not communicate with my father at all. I could not have any type of conversation with him. It was making me extremely unhappy, as I knew that deep inside me I loved him and forgave him what he did and didn`t do when I was very young. Through my training I quickly resolved the issue (not without tears) and I now can talk to him and even managed to tell him I love you since. I never thought that this would ever be possible before I came across NLP.

Another example: I used to believe that I was a bad sleeper and used to take sleeping pills which I knew was very bad for me. I changed this belief with the opposite one and have never had any problems sleeping since.

Giving presentations was a huge issue for me. During my master practitioner I resolved this issue and I now love giving presentations and people are always amazed at how comfortable I look when standing in front of people.

I had issues with my personal relationships whether with boyfriend and friends. Thanks to NLP, I realised that actually the issues were all mine and that I am in control of my feelings. Just coming to realisation that my issues are nobody`s fault but mine, made me think so differently.

Nothing is a problem anymore and I got to learn so much more about myself. I can change the feeling/belief associated to any situation and completely reverse any situation.

NLP is fantastic and I can only highly recommend it to everybody.

Submitted by Christel Thimont, Associate Member

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