Panic Attacks

When I approached Stuart I had been suffering from panic attacks for the last 5 or 6 years. Over the last few years, my husband and I had lost our family business, resulting in several house moves, job re-training and severe financial pressure. Added to this I took on a stressful and demanding job. Although I had tried other ways to help the situation, i.e. going part-time, using relaxation techniques, positive affirmations and so on, none of these stopped the panic attacks or reduced the severity of them. Other than medication, the medical profession could offer little else to help me. I had reached the point where I feared I would never be free of them and felt very low. As so many things had gone wrong, I felt “thwarted” by life and was demotivated, this resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle. I ached all over, most of the time, especially in my knees and ankles.

I had heard about NLP but was not sure if it could help me. Although I was anxious Stuart made me feel comfortable immediately. He was understanding, non-judgemental and thoroughly professional. He started with a history of my childhood and recent problems to established exactly what I wanted to change. Stuart devised a programmed combining a number of techniques and therapies, including Parts Integration Therapy, Time-Line Therapy and NLP. Overall the sessions lasted for about one and a half days and were fascinating, emotional, at times tiring and sometimes humorous .

After the sessions I felt immediately more relaxed and over a period of about a week many of my aches and pains localised and then disappeared. I feel much brighter, more optimistic and am more content and enjoying life more. I am now taking better care of myself and have implemented significant health changes. Since the treatment, the panic attacks have dramatically reduced, and are getting less frequent. Thanks to Stuart’s insights am able to respond differently when I feel the warning signs. So far I have not had a proper attack and feel confident that I can look to a future where panic attacks are a distant memory.

Mrs H - Lancashire

Submitted by Stuart MacCormack, Professional Member

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