Breakthrough Session with Marianne - in her own words

Going to see Nina was the most unexpected and positive experience I have ever had. For as long as I can remember I have lived my life within certain limitations that I had unknowingly set my self. All I knew was that things that other people seemed to find easy I would struggle with and really living my life to my full potential.

Somewhere inside of me I always knew I could do much more then what I was achieving but had by this stage in my life learned to accept that I would never have some of the things I dreamed about, that sense of fulfillment. It is a bit like when you have a ache somewhere in your body, when you first get it, it is very painful and uncomfortable but as time goes by you learn to live with it. You avoid certain movements, you are not as active as before and all of a sudden enough time has passed that you do not notice it any more - not as bad as before anyway. It has now become part of your life and you resign your self to thinking that is how it is going to be from now on.

Until I meet Nina. She is able to bring attention to that sore aching part inside you and ask the most important question of all - do you really want to carry on living with this burden? For the first time in my life I finally realised that I did not have to, that there was someone there who not only knew the way to solve it but who would do whatever it takes to work this through with me. All I had to bring to the session was a willingness to want to work through this and put my trust in her.

I originally came to see Nina in regards to my career so somewhere inside of me I had decided that I was not going to live my life un-fore filled any more. But I could never have foreseen the profound effect those hours working with her, made to my life.

In our first session Nina came across things I had hidden away deep inside and it became clear to me that these where the real reason I had come to see her, even if at the time I was not aware of this.

I think NLP worked so well because with guidance you finally realise that you have the power with in your self to affect your situation, it is not a magical drug that is prescribed but you face your fears and deal with things in your past that have been holding you back. You understand the cause and effect of how you ended up where you are today. It is this empowering wisdom that enables you to keep progressing after the sessions have ended and you are again faced with the real world.

Through Nina’s excellent guidance I had found my inner strength, and things that before seemed impossible now are achievable. You are no longer a victim of things that have happened in the past but in control and in charge of your own life and how you choose to live it.

Since my seeing Nina my attitude to life has changed in so many ways that I notice the results of this every day. Through valuing my self again i have started living life, facing my fears and challenging myself, not everything is easy but the main difference is that through Nina’s help I have cleared things up from my past and can now understand what was holding back before.

I feel like a whole person for the first time and I can withstand anything life throws at me. Knowing what I know now, I can not believe I waited this long before deciding to get help. Life is precious and every one deserves to live without limitations, like fears and self doubt, holding them back.
Marianne - June 2008

Submitted by Nina Madden, Trainer Member

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