A Clients experience of resolving a driving phobia

1. Please describe the issue/problem which caused you to look for help?

Driving phobia based on driving to new and unfamiliar places following an unpleasant driving experience 7 years ago.

2. How did this issue/problem affect you/your life?

It has held me back for 7 years. I would only drive to new places when accompanied by another driver or would simply avoid having to drive anywhere different alone. This has prevented me from taking my son to play in rugby matches and has had an impact on my working life since I would not drive to site offices and remained very much office based.

3. How did you find the therapy session?

Quite intense, very tiring but enormously empowering and liberating!

4. What has been the result of your therapy and how has it impacted your life

Immediate sense of relief. Started to look forward to tackling my driving and drove somewhere new on my own, the day after my session. On completing this journey I felt an enormous sense of achievement, I was quite euphoric and am challenging myself on a regular basis to build on my new found confidence. I refuse to let this hold me back any longer.

5. How satisfied are you with the result on scale of 1 to 5 (1=not satisfied to 5 =very satisfied)


6. Would you recommend Dave Bottone to friends or colleagues who would benefit from NLP therapy
Definitely and I have already done so.

I would like to add that Dave was very reassuring, I felt in very safe hands and he was most supportive. It was also helpful to have a follow-up chat with Dave a couple of weeks later and to know that should I ever need to talk to him, he is on the end of a phone.

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