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Client: S. Bhalla

Position; Managing Director

Company: The Promotions Company Ltd, Maidenhead

Background: The Promotions Company Ltd is an SME specialising in the wholesale distribution of promotional goods.

Scope: The company required support during the early years of start up and needed to continue to generate a stable cash flow. A team was also required and needs ongoing training and support. The original infrastructure was unstable and current systems demonstrated poor communications.

Role: Nicholas C. Hill of The Hill Consultancy Ltd was contracted to provide ongoing strategic support to the MD through consultancy, executive coaching, mentoring and NLP training. The infrastructure needed assessment and realigning, in particular customer relationship management and email communications. A team vision, mission and values needed to be established and leadership skills were required for the MD, in particular, time management, conflict management, strategic planning, goal setting, influence.

Outcome: Turnover increased by 62% within 12 months of intervention. Strategic planning was facilitated and reviewed monthly through ongoing consultancy. New CRM software was sourced and installed. Team buy-in to the vision and mission of the MD was established, leading to team morale and improved productivity.

Testimonial: "As a direct result of completing my training and coaching with your company, our turnover increased by 26% within the first two months of working with you and it continues to rise."

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