Public Speaking

After visiting a networking event, I was approached by a man who asked me if I could help him.

I asked him what he meant by help him, he said, ‘I have a ten minute presentation coming up in three weeks time and I am petrified; I have to do one minute presentations every week at my networking event and that is bad enough’ he said looking very uncomfortable. His tonality, body language and skin tone and colour changes were very noticeable.

I asked him what he would like to experience instead of being petrified of his impending ten minute presentation. ‘Anything would be better than how I feel right now’. How would you rather feel at this moment, I asked ‘not worried about it’ he replied.

We arranged a time to meet, the session lasted the two hours as I had arranged and I used it all.

During our session, he admitted to feeling embarrassed when he had to make his presentations. I asked him why he would feel embarrassed? He said ‘I had a stroke fourteen years ago and have a very weak leg which when I walk am aware I drag and I hate people looking at me’. I then talked to him about his stroke and did some reframing - looking at the very positive aspects of his personal and work life and what he had achieved since his stroke.

At the end of the session, I asked him if he would let me know how his presentation went. He did contact me and said it went well and he enjoyed it. I met him six weeks after he had done his presentation and he was so positive and upbeat, he said he was now over running all his one minute presentations and was looking forward to his next ten minute presentation.

I had never seen him look as positive as this. One of the key things I am noticing with my clients is that there are changes at the time of NLP techniques being applied and that much more of the change comes through over a period of time.

Submitted by Nick Smith MSc, Professional Member

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