Chocolate Obsession

A colleague in one of my many roles approached me with, as she described, a chocolate obsession.

We started by simply chatting in the work environment for a few minutes about her "need for chocolate", and very quickly determined when she would or would not have this "terrible old problem".

We found that the root cause was her association of chocolate to relaxing. Taking the relaxing idea further she said that she found driving relaxing, but didn`t eat chocolate when driving (and not simply because it`s against traffic law).

I didn`t need to say anything at that point and simply smiled at her. She broke her own association almost immediately, spent a couple of minutes re-arranging her thinking, and the job was done.

I love it when clients get that "Aha" moment and do the work themselves!

From start to finish the total conversation lasted about 10 or 15 minutes. This is what she said:

"I wouldn`t say I was addicted to chocolate, more obsessive. I have conquered smoking without too much effort but somehow giving up chocolate was beyond me.

Duncan just talked to me and in a very subtle way helped me understand where the motivation came from. From that one session I have not felt the need and I no longer even enjoy eating chocolate and I don`t miss it. Brilliant"

Submitted by Duncan Batchelor, Professional Member

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