Coping with Depression

I recently attended a Breakthrough Session and have since been experiencing a positive change in my life.

Prior to meeting Claire I had been in a rut...well, actually a big black hole. For the last six years my life had followed one path and that was down hill. Negativity got hold of me and it was time to change. The results from the Breakthrough session were INSTANT.

I cannot explain it, I have tried other things but nothing compares to Claire’s methods for change. I instantly felt the weight fall off my person, I relaxed, felt happy, more positive and I looked different – Yes, I looked different. On one of my many visits to the loo, I looked in the mirror and was genuinely taken aback by my face. It looked like all the stress had gone out of my face and I looked happy which in turn made me look younger. Did that make me feel good? Hell yes!

I now have the “tools and methods” to use as and when I need to and these are now helping me to change the other areas of my life. I am in control of my life and am moving one way and that is UP!

I have experienced something very special – with support and guidance, I have healed myself and have learned how to move forward, creating as I go, in a strong positive way.

Submitted by Claire Louise Hegarty, Trainer Member

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